WordPress Gutenberg Demo and Tutorial – How to Create a Blog Post With Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg is coming and this video will give you a full demo of the Gutenberg plugin before it becomes part of WordPress 5.0. You’ll also learn how to create a media rich blog post with the new features of Gutenberg, while also learning how to prepare for the inevitable changes that will be happening in a few months with the new WordPress update.

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What you’ll learn in this video:

1. Create a blog post using Gutenberg.
2. Add a media gallery to a blog post.
3. Embed an Instagram post.
4. Add a GIF within the content of the blog post.
5. Embed a YouTube video.
6. Create stylish quotes within a blog post.
7. Embed an email opt-in form within a blog post.
8. How block Gutenberg from installing by installing the classic editor plugin.
9. How to take Gutenberg for a test drive before it’s automatically added to your WordPress blog.

Important links for this video:

1. Take Gutenberg for a spin before the update.

2. How to Embed an Email Opt-In Form Using MailChimp

3. Grab a GIF.

4. Install the Classic Editor.

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